Mikki Miller lives in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota with her husband Tyson. A deep appreciation for creative exploration allows her to balance her career as an in-house graphic designer with her adoration for passion projects. Outside of her 9 to 5 job Mikki largely focuses her attention on the study and play of hand lettering. She aims to create quirky work with relatable topics amongst her audience.

Mikki possesses a strong creative point of view through visual problem solving and demonstrates artistic sensibility through her knowledge of design elements and composition. She is able to use these skills to inform, promote, explain and narrate visual solutions.

As a Minnesota native she enjoys camping in the Boundary Waters, growing veggies in her garden and bicycle rides. She also likes going on adventures, receiving snail mail, wearing sundresses and drinking wine.


Please stay tuned for a portfolio revamp in the near future as Mikki undergoes a branding update!